Tyler High School Schedule 2020

Signups begin in early July and practices begin August 3rd.

Registration Fee is $250 for middle school teams and $350 for high school teams.

Players can help offset their registration fee by helping HEAT find advertising sponsors.

Date                Team               Time                Opponent                               Location

August 14        V                      5:00pm            Fruitvale Scrimmage               Fruitvale

August 21        V                      10:00am          open scrimmage date

August 28        V                      7:30pm            Trinidad                                   Trinidad

August 29        JV                     2:00pm            Longview HEAT                       TBD

Sept 4              V                      7:30pm            Trinity School of Texas            Longview

Sept 11                                                            open

Sept 17            JV                     6:45pm            Union Hill JV                            Union Hill

Sept 19            V                      1:00pm            Dallas UME Prep                     away

Sept 25            V                      7:30pm            Christian Heritage                   Longview

Sept 26            JV                     2pm?               THESA JV                                 home

Oct 2                V                      7:30pm            Fruitvale                                  Fruitvale

Oct 8                JV                     5:00pm            Apple Springs                          home

Oct 9                V                                              open

Oct 15              JV                     5pm                 Union Hill JV                            Union Hill

Oct 17             V                      ???                   Kings Academy                        Tyler All Saints

Oct 24              V                      1:00pm            Willow Bend                            home

Oct 30              V                      7:30pm            THESA                                      away

Nov 9               V                      TBD                 Independent Bowl                  Gholson ISD

orange and white fb team